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10:09, 28 Jan 2020
Will any of the the previously submitted entries be marked? Thank you

15:41, 25 Jun 2019
I would love to receive an update about the site. I hope all is well and, like Seeking Wolf, the person who manages the site is well and ok. I am hoping, that as the site is still running, that the outstanding entries that have been submitted and paid for will be marked.

22:57, 23 Apr 2019
Is the site still in operation?

16:49, 5 Mar 2019
Following on from the recent notes, I am very keen to know what is happening with the site?

18:50, 14 May 2018
Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows what is happening with the site? Thank you

21:51, 27 Jan 2018
Hi Alison. I am really enjoying being part of the Hour of Writes community! Just wondering when the entries from last year and previous weeks will be marked and if the weekly announcements will be reinstated? I find the weekly updates really motivating and a great part of the Hour of Writes premise. Thank you x

21:54, 11 Jan 2018
Thank you Sémaigho! That is really helpful and encouraging.

11:17, 11 Jan 2018
Such a shame to read the recent notes. I wonder if the outstanding entries will be marked? I hope so. Congratulations on your recent wins and featured entries.

20:24, 16 Dec 2017
Thank you Tauren! I very much enjoyed your 'in defence of clichés!' Have a great weekend.

16:13, 15 Dec 2017
Hello all! My entry has only been marked by two people this week - I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Thank you

22:34, 18 Nov 2017
A sincere thank you to all the reviewers of my 'Waiting For You' entry. To the third reviewer - thank you so much for commenting so generously. To know that the piece resonated with you and that your element is water - that was truly wonderful to read. Thank you again x

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